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Let slip the dice of war and damned be he that first cries :

"#*!%" it's double 1!!!

( Apologies to Will - Henry V and Macbeth.)

About this site...


I reckon I have finally achieved Wargaming Nirvana after 37 years ( not my age, just the number of years I have been gaming.) The picture to the left may seem an unremarkable shot of an old cupboard and some dodgy wall paper but oh my fellow Commanders think again! A year ago, I managed to persuade my long suffering yet scornful wife that the dog needed a kennel. Somewhere warm, toasty and dry when the weather is cruel.

A large corner of the garden was duly concreted and tiled by my good self and then a local firm was brought in to erect a shed. Too late my erstwhile partner discovered that the kennel was in fact perfect as a hobby room! A dog flap cut into the side was sufficient for our cold Beagle ( Jasper, cute but with a passion for chewing plastic and aerosols ) and then I was free to move all my gaming materials into the new room.

So picture me happily painting away or able to leave the table set up because the game has to be paused whilst I make Sunday lunch, and suffer the pangs of envy!

I offer you here within these pages my wisdom, experience and a plethora of resources. All I ask in return is your appreciation and patronage of my humble site. Enjoy!

Latest project

Hammerhead 2015 in Newark

My first visit to this excellent convention held at Newark Showground. I was impressed at the number of Participation Games on offer, 25 in all! Spoilt for choice, I was tempted by A Very British Civil Forum who were running "A Very British Discovery". I led a group of Socialists who were trying to stop the BUF from carting off a Saxon treasure from an unearthed longboat. The meddlesome Anglican league were also sniffing around but the biggest challenge was posed by hordes of Saxon ghosts emerging from the burial mounds! 

Thanks to all those who ran the game.

If like me you are always short of money and are looking for some extra cash to spend on your gaming then have a look at this.

The link to the left, is for an auction site where you can pick up some incredible bargains, sell your own stuff and use the money to buy more Wargames. I'm in the process of setting up my own site for selling some of my resources.

Check it out!

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